Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Assist-Life Stage, Transition

This is short-term and long-term support focused on strengthening participants’ ability to coordinate their support and help them stay at home and participate in their community.

Our Service Includes:

  • Connection support
  • Integration of foundations
  • Assistance with accommodation and rental obligations
  • Life transformation planning that includes counseling, peer support and individual skills development
  • Help with decision making, daily planning, budget

We are all changing lives and entering a new phase of life as we grow older. These changes can be challenging for many of us. Aussie Care & Services can help with the transition to a health category that may include starting or changing school, relocating homes, or based accommodation, taking pets, changing, or deciding to get a job and even going out and traveling in public.

We understand that these changes can be stressful, and we support participants to plan for these changes and develop strategies to deal with stress through psychosocial training and other community-based services. We stand with participants together and help them achieve their goals both in the short and long term. We focus on strengthening participants’ ability to coordinate their support, and to help them live more comfortably and participate in their community.

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