Therapeutic Supports

Therapeutic Supports

Each allied health professional in our team is qualified and fully trained to determine the appropriate requirements our clients would need to improve daily living skills so they can live more independently and comfortably. We aim to make positive changes to their ability to socialise and interact with others and to support, maintain or increase our client’s physical mobility and wellbeing.

Services can be provided as:

  • Exercise and hands-on therapy
  • Formal recommendation
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Extensive assessments that can be used for an NDIS review as supporting evidence for new or increased NDIS services in your plan
  • Deliver ongoing therapy
  • Deliver one-off assessments
  • Goal specific therapy

    The bonus with our allied health professionals is that they come to you! We offer a personal service delivery in the comfort of your home, school, other preferred location. They have experience working with a range of ages including children, adults and the elderly.
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